The Sally Army

The Salvation Army is, first and foremost, a church. It also does some charitable work, but the focus is on proselytising. For some reason, people think of them as a religious charity; in fact, they’re more of a slightly charitable church. But they capitalise on their reputation to get donations, which they then spend on the various things that churches spend donations on. That includes political lobbying.


So, in Calgary, the Salvation Army dumped some toys which had been donated instead of giving them to kids, because these toys conflicted with the church’s religious beliefs.

So if I understand this correctly, they are literally stealing christmas presents from needy children and destroying them.

Not even the grinch did that.

That’s…just evil. That’s a level of cartoonishly over the top bad. Are they going to tie a woman to some train tracks next?

This ban is local, not a national or international policy of the Salvation Army. And apparently they’ve now decided not to dump them, but to pass them on to another charity to distribute. Or so they claim.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to avoid giving to the Salvation Army; some are mentioned on Pharyngula (both the opening post and the comments), and others are detailed in these video:




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